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PART 1 this is old and i got extreamly bourd!!!
I sakura haruno and hidden leaf have defeated the akatsuki over two years ago,but something was wrong we never went out of the village people stopped with our help but it didn't stop me.As days flew by sasuke came back with team taka every one was happy.I was confused and i hated the way karin the red haired slut jumped on sasuke.
I ignored them most of the time but i felt lonely everyone.....i mean EVERYONE left me.I just sat at the end of a feild of cherry blossoms my pink hair kept blowing in my pale face.I moved my hair "what happened?" some one spoke that voice i herd it before i thought turning my head left no one...right a boy stood there red hair gray like eyes he was waring a akatsuki cloak it was...."sasori"I whispered
He nodded smirking in the most evilest way it sent chills down my spin.He grabbed my arm pulling me with him ware every we were going.I tryed to pull back my arm but it was stuck he wouldn't buge i tryed agian this time sasori turned around grabbing my face as are lips touched.A blush crept on to my face as well as his,we stood under many of the blossom trees.
sasori slowly pulled away "how was that?"he whispered in my ear my blush deepened.He snickered lightly as he picked me up as if i was a baby just so you know i HATED it.So i glared at him he smiled kissing my forehead.He started sending chakura into his feet as he speeded off.
я๏๓คภςє เร คฬร๏๓є
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