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Post  Zahra the writer on Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:46 pm

My Tears Are Mine~
You may say that I loved you,
When in reality,
There was nothing ever there.
Don't go off telling people I hate you either,
Because hating would require caring,
And to be honest, I don't care.
I don't care about you,
I don't care of what you do,
I don't care for your life,
I don't care for your soul.
I don't care what you do,
I don't care what you think,
Because you know what?
I was never yours.
I never gave myself away.
And I never will.
I am mine.
No one else's.
Mine alone,
And I like it that way.
Don't say that you love me,
I don't want to hear your lies,
I was done with those long ago,
I don't care for your tears,
So don't say you can make mine go away.
You can't.
You ruined everything.
I thought you were special.
But all you did was lie.
All those lies.
They were drowning me to reality,
To what's real,
Not to my fantasy of a happy ever after.
Not with you.
There must be someone else out there for that to happen.
You are nothing.
I am something.
I'll remember that.
All of those lies you've told,
They will never be forgiven.
Always leaving those scars to my heart.
To my soul.
But you and me, there is nothing in common with those words.
Nothing familiar.
You crushed me with your lies,
Like you always intended to do.
I'm done with it.
The lies are done.
No more.
You're done in my life.
We were done a long time ago.
I uncovered your lies and you are nothing to me.
Rot in hell.
Get laid.
Find someone else to ruin.
Not me.
Not any more.
Good bye.
Because he tears that pool beneath me,
They are mine.
Not yours.
My tears are mine.

I love all people equally <3 except for people who prove themselves to be bad. Like I once heard "everyone is innocent until proven guilty"
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