You'll always be in my heart

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You'll always be in my heart Empty You'll always be in my heart

Post  Zahra the writer on Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:49 pm

You'll Always Be In My Heart~
Never forgoten
You're leaving
Leaving me defenseless
You already left
And there will alwaysbe that place in my heart,
Always reserved for you,
Always holding on
To the fact that i might just see you again,
That we might cross paths
That we might touch again
That we might breath the same air
That we may hug again,
I may take yu in my arms and never want to let go
To hold to your presence before it disappears forever,
Not from my heart,
It will always be in my heart.

Right now,
I need you,
Need your suport,
Need your comfort,
Need to tell you what is happening,
The peircing in my heart,
The longing to see you,
Ill never forget,
The day we met.
We were only talking,
Then my brother was there
We held him up and dropped him,
We were all laughing,
Even him
Now im crying,
Because i lost you

~In memory of my best friend who moved and I will most likely never see her again.

I love all people equally <3 except for people who prove themselves to be bad. Like I once heard "everyone is innocent until proven guilty"
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