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Post  Zahra the writer on Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:50 pm

I Lost You~
You were one of the best people in the world,
But you changed.
I don't mean just a little change.
ike new hair,
Or glasses,
Or braces,
Or anything like that.
I don't even know you any more.
You used to be fun,
But that all changed.
And it was all for some boy
That you never even met.
I told you to never loose yourself.
But you lied and made excuses.
You said it was all your dad.
But I know it wasn't
You say you used to be a sl--?
Well, to me,
You were a friend.
5 years we spent together.
5 years of friendship.
All wasted.
And all for him.
I told you to never loose sight of who you truly are,
But you didn't listen.
You did it any way.
You abandoned all of your friends.
And you wouldn't listen to a word we said.
You think we didn't care?
That we didn't love you?
Well then you're blind.
We loved you with all our hearts.
We would have died for you.
We wouldn't let anything hurt you.
Would be by your side.
But you've taken it too far.
You've hurt people.
You've changed.
You have completely lost yourself,
And I'm not sure that you will ever find yourself again.
I wanted you to stay with me,
But you left,
You left us all,
We want you back,
Please don't leave.
Please go back to being you.
Not this person that I don't even know.
Come back to us,
While you can.

~In memory of my ex-friend Kelsey who lost herself because of a boy and I will never see the real her ever again.

I love all people equally <3 except for people who prove themselves to be bad. Like I once heard "everyone is innocent until proven guilty"
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